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Once the black flies and mosquitoes subside a bit, vacationing in the great outdoors will be on the to-do list for many Canadians.  Whether you are considering an extended camping excursion, a weekend wilderness getaway, or just day-tripping, this is the year to get your gear in gear.

In celebration of Canada’s sesquicentennial, Parks Canada is offering free admission to all National Parks across the country.

For those who are new to outdoor experiences, and are not sure how to begin, beginner guides from the Parks Services people will help you learn what to bring, what to wear, what to cook, where to camp and more.  Nature is amazing, but remember,  be safe in and respectful of the wilderness.

Don’t want to pitch a tent?  Add “glamping” to your vocabulary and check out these new alternative shelters in selected locations.  Would you rather stay closer to home?  Then you will want to read the downloadable guide to national parks and heritage sites in Ontario.

P.S. to boaters: if you are trailering your watercraft to central Ontario, Parks Canada is also offering a free lockage permit to the Trent-Severn system for the 2017 season.

Below is a sample of books from our collections to help you enjoy your outdoor recreation experience.

And while there are youth who enjoy reading e-novels on tablets after dark (replacing the old practice of reading by flashlight under the covers), for people travelling with children on digital-device-free vacations,  more outdoor games and nature study activities can be found by searching the library catalogue or asking staff for recommendations.

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