Launch of new book by author Fartumo Kusow on December 4

Fartumo Kusow, a Windsor high school English teacher, will mark the launch of her new novel Tale of a Boon’s Wife with a talk at the Windsor Public Library, Central Branch (850 Ouellette Ave), on Monday December 4th from 6:30-8:00pm. Community Living Room, 1st Floor.

Kusow fled Somalia just as its years-long civil war was starting. She made her way to Canada, settling in Windsor where she earned an Honours Degree in English Language and Literature and went on to teach for the Greater Essex County District School Board.

Set in the fifteen-year period before Somalia’s 1991 civil war began, Tale of a Boon’s Wife is the story of Idil, a young Somali woman, who rejects her high Bliss status to marry Sidow, a poor Boon man. Her decision transforms her life, forcing her to face harsh and sometimes even deadly consequences for her defiance of a strict tribal hierarchy.  Her determination to follow her heart and to pursue love over family and convention is a story that has been told across time and across cultures.

In Tale of a Boon’s Wife Kusow resurrects the world she left behind at a moment of immense conflict, a people in the throes of radical change but still bound by a rigid social hierarchy and a deeply enforced suppression of women.

Copies of the novel will be for sale from the author following her presentation.

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