Community Connecting Artist at Sandwich Library

Our peaceful place to paint seniors connect with our Thursday Tween Time.

We enjoyed hours of creative fun filled programs at Sandwich Library last Thursday. Our seniors demonstrated watercolour painting techniques they had  practiced from the assignments I gave them last week. Tim’s sample technique was left on display by our gorgeous Sandwich Library picture windows. When the tweens came in they started to learn from the seniors’ work with great enthusiasm. At our morning session Bonnie showed the effect of using Windex on her painting while her husband Tim demonstrated another wet to wet watercolour wash technique. Beth asked for points from the group to help her make her poinsettias come to life to her satisfaction. PLEASE JOIN US FOR THE final two creative sessions  of 2017 at 3312 Sandwich Library,  Thursday, December 7 and December 14.  Seniors gather from 10:30 A.M.- 12:00 P.M. and Tweens and caregivers connect from 2:50 P.M. – 5:00 P.M. The photos are of THURSDAY TWEEN TIME CLUB MEMBER Julie age 14, showing her version of artist Tim’s lesson on painting Wet on Wet paper shown beside Julie’s picture. Our morning senior painters sharing their completed works and creative stories with Kitty Pope, Windsor Public Library CEO.

Morning session photos are of

  • Bonnie, explaining with joy her continued experience learning to paint with water colours for the first time
  • Tim’s painting sampler.
  • Beth’s pointsettas.













It was a joy to have Tim once again demonstrate a technique.  This week it was another wet paint on to wet washed paper using gravity to make the paint flow in highly unpredictable and beautiful ways until it drys. The colours will blur and blend when they meet creating many different colours.  This technique is great for making interesting skies, underpainting a background leaving you free, once it drys, to go back and add in a more detail painting on top, or it can be left alone and enjoyed as a piece of abstract art.

Next week we will be exploring DRY painting on WET colour painting.  I’m sure the teens will love this technique in particular because it has a similar effect to spray painting.  I personally can’t wait to see what our Seniors think of this method with a very modern edge.  JOIN US YOU WILL ENJOY WHAT YOU CAN CREATE.

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