HOOPLA UPDATE…it’s music to our ears!

You’ve been hearing us promote our Hoopla video downloading service for a while. Well, things have just gotten even more exciting in Hoopla-land. In addition to movies and TV shows, you can now download music and audiobooks through the same easy-to-use Hoopla interface!

The Hoopla music catalogue is very impressive with over 100,000 albums in a variety of genres available for you to check out. This collection is growing daily as newly released albums are arriving in Hoopla the same day they appear on iTunes. You can search for specific artists or albums or just browse through a variety of categories. Top Titles as of today include albums by Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, Tim McGraw, Robert Plante, Coldplay, Ryan Adams, Katy Perry and the soundtrack from the movie Frozen.  Every Tuesday HOOPLA puts together a collection of new releases, which is a great place to find new music. Other categories include Country Corner, Electronic Dance Music, Broadway Musicals, Top Pop, Artists from Canada, and artists featured on The Voice television show. There is even an Under the Radar category for those of you looking for something a little more obscure.  The music is checked out for 7 days, at which time it automatically gets checked back in. No late fees with Hoopla!  For those of you who like to own music indefinitely, think of this as a way to test drive a new band or album before purchasing it.

In addition to music, Hoopla now has thousands of downloadable audiobooks for you to choose from. These are also grouped into helpful categories such as New & Notable, Classic Literature, Urban Fiction, Featured Mysteries, Young Adult, Fantasy & Science Fiction and much more.  Audiobooks are checked out for 21 days so you can listen to your favourite books at your leisure.

If you’re already using Hoopla, the added content should be obvious on your screen! For those of you trying Hoopla out for the first time, see here for some basic instructions.  Each valid library card can download a total of 20 items each month . This total is for all formats combined (music, TV shows, movies, audiobooks).  An entire album counts as just one item so if all you’re interested in is music, you could conceivably check out hundreds of songs each month!  If you’re still not convinced to give Hoopla a whirl, read the great blog post that one of our staff wrote earlier this month.

Check out the new selection on HOOPLA and let us know what you think!  If you’ve discovered a new band, artist or author, share that too!

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