Freegal Music is Back…and Better!

Great news music fans! Freegal is back in the WPL eResource lineup, and it’s even better than it was before. Now you can download AND stream music and videos from many of your favourite artists. For you numbers people, Freegal offers over 9 million songs and 15,000 videos from 28,000 labels (including Sony Music) in over 100 countries. WOW. The numbers are impressive, but there is so much more.

-You can stream music (with no commercials) for up to five hours/day; there are several playlists built right in, so you really don’t even have to spend time deciding what to listen to.

-If you like the option of crafting your own playlists, you can do that too.

-In addition to your streaming allotment, you are entitled to 3 downloads per week, and you can keep the music forever. Slowly but surely you can build that music library you have always dreamed of.

-All of your downloads are Digital Rights Management (DRM) free, which means that you can import them to your music library if you want to, and then either burn them to a disc or push them out to your MP3 player. Have a look at the FAQ for instructions on adding music to your iTunes or Windows Media library.

-If you have a device that supports Apps, you can download the Freegal app and manage your library right on your device.

-Our Freegal Music Library does not duplicate our Hoopla Music Library; in fact, it complements it, delivering access to even more artists and songs through WPL.

If you have used Freegal through our library in the past, you will enjoy the improved interface. It’s now much easier to browse for songs, videos, and artists, as well as to track your daily streaming and weekly download limits.

To get started with Freegal you’ll need a your library card number & PIN. If you have any questions, or if you would like more information about Freegal, there is a very detailed FAQ section built right into the site. Of course we are always happy to help you too! Stop into any branch to learn more about Freegal, or even just to tell us what you think!


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