Carrie Fisher – Icon, Actor, Advocate

As we mourn the loss of Carrie Fisher, we also celebrate her life. An icon who grew up in Hollywood, Ms. Fisher became known for her own acting and strong advocacy for mental health.

Best known as Princess (then General) Leia Organa of the Star Wars universe, Ms. Fisher has left us with much to celebrate. The Princess Diarist was her most recent book, a 2016 release. It discusses everything in her life. She takes you from her childhood as Hollywood royalty, to her struggles with bi-polar disorder, and shares details of her life as the Star Wars princess. She has also written other books such as Wishful Drinking, and Shockaholic. They are also a delight to listen to, which you can find here (via Hoopla.)

The character of Princess Leia first appeared in the film Star Wars: A New Hope. Princess Leia has become an iconic film character, and is a large part of the expanded universe of Star Wars fiction (check them out here.) While Star Wars became a phenomenon, Ms. Fisher used her influence to raise awareness around mental health disorders. Time Magazine told this story well, in the article Carrie Fisher Didn’t Just Break Boundaries Onscreen. She Also Fought the Stigma of Mental Illness

If you read through her memories, you see the same sardonic wit that is quick to appear in all her television appearances. A delightful entertainer who used her position to speak up and help others, Ms. Fisher will be sorely missed.

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