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The Central Branch of Windsor Public Library is moving.

We will be moving out of 850 Ouellette into our temporary home in the new City Hall building by June 2019 and are now focusing all of our energies on finding a permanent home.

We appreciate all of the feedback you have provided and are committed to staying in the downtown area. A number of locations are being considered. They include: lands to the west of Adventure Bay Family Water Park; an area in the vicinity of the Windsor International Transit Terminal; and the lands immediately east of Caesars Windsor.

Of these three options, do you have a preferred choice? Please click HERE to send us your selection or send us a comment. The Windsor Public Library Board takes your input seriously and will consider all opinion when selecting a permanent site.

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8 Responses to "Tell Us Where To Go"

  1. Heather Nash says:

    East of Casino Windsor

  2. Ronald Van Dyk says:

    City Hall as the permanent location is the ideal solution. Is it necessary to occupy the 3rd, 4th and 5th floor of City Hall for the temporary relocation? The lobby of City Hall can be used for special events. No additional funding is required. This will save tax payers the money to build a new building. Why do we need another building?

  3. Sylvia Novac says:

    near transit terminal

  4. Vicki Stone says:

    Near Adventure Bay.

  5. Elesa Lesperance says:

    Close to the transit terminal as long as it’s still around the same area. So it stays close to me

  6. Kathy O'Brien says:

    near the transit terminal for easiest access for all — however, I disagree with the selling of the building on Ouellette Ave., removing the library as a strong anchor to the main street and downtown. At this point in time Ouellette Avenue is looking like a no-go zone and it should be the heart of the city.

  7. Chris Oliver says:

    Close to transit terminal.

  8. Richard McIntyre says:

    Put the new library on corner of Crawford & University on front of old Grace Hospital site and put streetcar tracks city saved in front of Library with the restored streetcar on the tracks, just a few blocks from SW&A car barns, tying in history to the area.

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