Aretha Franklin Legacy Honoured

Aretha Franklin has passed away at the age of 76. Her contributions to R&B, Soul and Motown have been immeasurable, and the extent of her influence can’t be overstated.

To honour the legacy of this Motown great, all branches of Windsor Public Library will feature information displays on her life, her music and her commitment to the City of Detroit.

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  1. David Hanna says:

    Aretha Franklin, a life well worth honouring. A most talented individual who initiated so much to both the world music scene and also to her own home town City of Detroit. Besides her artistic talents and many musical innovations, a person who apparently cared about her fellow human beings. Something so often lacking today in a world of Trumpisms. A world today where even some of our local Windsor Institutions so often thumb under to Politicians that forget working people to their own personal ambitions. Aretha sang about RESPECT and she was right! She was singing to the honest folk with integrity, not the repetitive sloth – so often at the public trough.

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