Membership/Library Cards

Library Card
Library Card
Library Card

ADULTS (Age 18 and over)

It’s quick and easy to get a library card and you can sign up at any library location. We simply need to know who you are and where you live. Please note you may be required to show more than one piece of identification to demonstrate your identity and residence. Customers attempting to obtain a card for a parent, or someone not physically able to visit the library, should contact the Accessible Services office (519.255.6770, Ext. 4404).

YOUNG ADULTS (Age 13-17)

If a young adult wants to have a parent/guardian sign for their card, then both the parent/guardian and the young adult must be present when the card is issued. If a Young Adult cannot show proof of address, the parent/guardian proof of address can be accepted in its place. Please note you may be required to show more than one piece of identification to demonstrate your identity and residence.

CHILDREN (Age 0-12)

For our customers 12 years-of-age and under, a signature is required by a parent/guardian to verify information and confirm parental consent. To have a library card issued for a child, the guardian must show appropriate identification for both the parent/guardian and the child.  More than one piece of ID may be required to verify your identity and residence.


If an applicant has an existing account with Windsor Public Library, the new card must be linked to that account.
A $2 replacement charge covers the costs involved in reissuing a card. If the old card has expired, all fines owing must be paid before a new card can be issued. All fines must be brought below $20 if the existing card is blocked.


Applicants for library cards are required to provide documentation to verify identity and home address. Acceptable forms of ID include but are not limited to:

  • Passport
  • Ontario driver’s licence
  • Ontario health card
  • Utilities bill
  • Personalized cheque book
  • Pay stub
  • Government cheque
  • Lease


The Windsor Public Library is also pleased to offer electronic cards (eCards) for patrons over the age of 13.
An eCard is an option for those who need a new card and can’t visit a bricks and mortar branch and don’t qualify for Accessibility Services.


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