The Windsor Library Board is responsible for setting policies for the foundation, governance and operation of Windsor Public Library, in accordance with the Public Libraries Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.44. Any questions or concerns about a specific policy can be directed to CEO (A), Michael Chantler

Foundation Policies

F–1 Mission Statement
F–2 Vision Statement
F–3 Values Statement
F–4 Customer Service Pledge
F–5 Intellectual Freedom Policy
F–6 Material Selection Policy
F–7 Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Policy
F–8 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy

Governance Policies

G–1   Statement of Authority and Principles of Governance Policy
G–2   Board Purpose, Powers and Duties Policy
G–3   Board Composition Policy
G–4   Board Meetings Policy
G–5   Policy Development and Maintenance Policy
G–6   Planning Policy
G–7   CEO / Board Relations Policy
G–8   Fundraising Policy

Operational Policies

O–1   Children Unattended in the Library Policy
O–2   Communications Policy
O–3   Advertising Policy
O–4   Customer Code of Conduct Policy
O–5   Facilities Use Policy
O–6   Hours of Operation Policy
O–7   Human Resources Policy
O–8   Insurance and Risk Management Policy
O–9   Legal Services Policy
O–10 Lending Services Policy
O–11 Library Services Policy
O–12 Naming, Donations and Sponsorships Policy
O–13 Outreach Policy
O–14 Partnership Policy
O–15 Programming Policy
O–16 Public Internet Use Policy
O–17 Purchasing Policy
O–18 Accessibility Policy
O–19 Volunteer Policy
O–20 Construction Project Management Policy
O–21 Information Technology Policy
O–22 Finance Policy
O–23 Employee Code of Conduct Policy

WPL Policy Amendments/Triennial Review

Triennial Review of Operational Policies will be completed in Fall 2024

All public comments related to the Policy revisions can be sent to the CEO.